Payment Methods 


You can use the following options to pay for your order:

  • Cash

We accept cash payments both in our store and in the hands of the courier at the time of delivery.

  • By credit/debit card on the webpage (Yandex Cash)

You can pay with your bank card through our payment system Yandex Cash, which accepts a huge number of cards from various banks.

  • By card in our studio or to the courier through a portable terminal (by agreement in advance).

We have a portable terminal that the courier can take with him/her during the delivery so that you can pay for the order when you receive the bouquet.


  • Bank transaction

If it is convenient for you to pay by bank transfer (through any bank, including Internet banking), then let us know, we will send you an invoice for payment and further instructions. For a quick transfer, you can use Sberbank or AlfaBank.


  • PayPal

To transfer through the international PayPal system, contact us and we will notify you of the account for the transfer.

If you have any questions regarding payment for our work, please contact us by phone or e-mail: